Doni Warganegara
The extend of Time Brazil,Rusia,Singapura,Malaysia Chat Group Discussion
by Doni S. Warganegara - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 7:26 PM

Dear Class

Today is a final submission for the Third of group,However, because of the technical Issues, I have just reopened and extended the time schedules of this group. Please send it again your Brazil, Rusia, Singapore, and Malaysia Groups to this folder that I have already extended until tomorrow before the class is begun.


Some of you all for the first, second and third groups have been sent to the assignment folders, thank you I have already accepted. The rest of students who don't send yet the assignment, Please send it soon,  because the time of assignment folders will be expired.


Do not forget also, Tomorrow, all the second and the third groups will be presented to the class. So, Be Prepared for your presentations.


Thank You.