Doni Warganegara
Class Announcement
by Doni S. Warganegara - Tuesday, 3 October 2017, 8:43 PM

Dear Students..

I am asking the administrator of V Class,  I will let You know that..

Putting Your NPM number in "the area of the Optional" in Your Profile ,temporarily is not available right now. Therefore, what the class should do :

1.Put Your NPM number to the FIRST Name on your Profile.

2. Put Your ALL NAME into your SURNAME  on the Profile.

3. Don't forget to  Put Your Photo.

4. Put Your  " S1 Reguler  Accounting' on your Department @Your Profile.




FYI: Be prepared  Your Presentation tomorrow as the group classified started to the Group 1 to the group 5. 

Each group consists of 5 students, and  each student has 5 minutes long presentations. So Class........Please be prepared tomorrow.



Thank You